Site Of Gordon Yee s Cafà On Centre Street In Naicam Saskatchewan And Adjacent Buildings

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It means so much to so many people in southeastern Saskatchewan. I really felt what the Nun offered was missing in this corner of the province," said Gilbertson. The stress of running a bustling restaurant soon took a toll. In 2013, they sold the business to Joel and Cheryl Mowchenko, who farm in the area. In 2012, Doug and Holly Hutchinson bought the building with a vision to open a restaurant serving quality, locally-focused food. After an extensive renovation process that exposed and restored the original tin ceiling, the café was given a modern look that maintains a nod to its history. The local restaurant has always been a gathering spot in any Saskatchewan small town.
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This will result in a delay of processing your application. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. There are fine dining opportunities aplenty in rural Saskatchewan, according to the Morning Edition's Eric Anderson. Located in the heart of the city, Excalipurr is Regina’s purrveyor of fine specialty coffees and vegetarian fair – served with the finest of feline accompaniment.

For guidance on any issues addressed on this website, please consult your local government agency. The Canadian Institute of Food Safety is a leading provider of recognized Food Handler Certification Courses. All recognized training is delivered by the Canadian Institute of Food Safety. Having your workforce complete a Food Handler Certification course helps ensure your business is never the cause of food poisoning. Saskatchewan’s Food Safety Regulations requires food businesses to employ staff that have obtained Food Handler Certification. How to handle food for public consumption isn’t always common sense.
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Operators must have a plan in place to accommodate patio patrons in the event of inclement weather to ensure physical distancing is maintained. Aisles must be wide enough to allow room for people to maintain two metres of physical distancing. Consider using one-way traffic flow to help maintain distancing. For indoor dining, two metres of physical distancing must be maintained between tables or a barrier must be in place between tables when two metres of distance is not possible.

Muse on Main also offers perogies, a Saskatchewan staple. The Liangs had soon saved enough money to purchase a business. They looked around rural Saskatchewan and found a Chinese restaurant in Colonsay, a town about 60 kilometres southeast of Saskatoon. Pak Chan attended school in Saskatoon, but he moved to Rosetown, 120 kilometres southwest of the city, to help his family get the restaurant running. The community of a few hundred people is an hour's drive north of Saskatoon. It is one of the first stops on the way to northern Saskatchewan, where the prairie landscape of the south gives way to the forest, rocks and lakes of the Canadian Shield.

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"Uncle Bill" Girgulis owned the Elite Café in Saskatoon with his brothers Sam and James; Sam's wife Cleo, or "Nouna" , earned her nickname by participating in many baptisms.You will focus on the fundamental principles and concepts related to the field of management.Guests are invited to walk through the gardens and sample the produce before sitting down for a meal in the restaurant, where the floor-to-ceiling windows give a view out to a four-acre garden and orchard.Providing packaging for customers to pack their own unfinished food items.
When Ben Liang came to Saskatoon from China, he planned to work as an electrician, just as he had back home. His credentials, however, weren’t recognized, so he went to work in a local Mandarin restaurant. She worked at the well-known Golden Dragon restaurant in Saskatoon. A sidewalk café must provide a minimum of 1.2m of unobstructed sidewalk width for pedestrians.
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For many people, that’s their livelihood, so there’s lots of competition. We’ve got some chanterelles on there, such a beautiful Saskatchewan product. When the summer comes we have three or four farming connections who will offer us different things. We don’t have online ordering available at this location right now, but we’d be happy to take your order by phone. The Canadian Institute of Food Safety, and the Canadian Institute of Food Safety logo are trademarks of the Canadian Institute of Food Safety. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Any advice or recommendations should be considered a guide only.