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What are the top features of Roku models?
Screen mirroring to cast the screen of your mobile device or tv to a big screen
Remote that arrives with a headphone jack for private listening
Roku Tv Setup feed to get the latest updates
Quad-core processor to offer excellent streaming performance
Night listening mode
Channel short cut buttons on remote
Optical digital audio output
Access to the most entertaining streaming channels
4k and Ultra HD streaming
HDMI, ethernet, and micro sd slot
Voice search
Roku search feature
802.11b/g/n/ dual-band mimo
Point anywhere remote
Make a note that the features and specifications vary and depend upon the model that you choose
Want to know how to activate your Roku streaming gadget?
Once if you decide the model to buy, refer the device setup guide for activation. Suggest you read and understand the steps for activation and the device setup manual will have the required information. Collect the preliminary requirements before you proceed

Power cable and power adaptor
Premium HDMI cable
Router to connect your device
Device activation code or linking code.
How to execute the Hardware setup?
Connect the hardware requirements and slide the power cable to power up the device
Use a premium HDMI cable to connect Roku streaming gadget to the TV.
Connect one end of the cable to HDMI port of the device and another end to the HDMI port of the tv
For old Roku streaming device models, composite audio video cables are recommended and
It’s important to fix the cables to the exact port.