Reflexology Originated From China And Is Believed To Have Been Developed About 4500 B.C. By The Chinese. Reflexology Has Been Around For A Long Time. It s Becoming More Popular In The United States.

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Reflexology is the applying of pressure points on the feet or hands. Reflexology is not a conventional system of medical treatment, but is a natural method of healing which may be used by anyone. It's considered an alternative treatment and is practiced worldwide. In the united states, it is most frequently used as a medical treatment for chronic pain, including migraine headaches and shingles. It is generally accepted as safe and effective for use by those who follow traditional methods of medicine.

There are many claims and theories surrounding the origin of reflexology. Some of these theories are based on historic events, such as the fact that the founder of the International Institute for Reflexology, Dr. Robert Dwyer Byers, received a standing ovation in England after inventing what is known now as the"invisible finger." According to the theory, the physician might have learned how to treat many diseases through touch. Some of the historic events surrounding the source of reflexology include:

-The origin may also be related to American archaeology, which involves the belief that American Indians had a secret knowledge of treating ailments with specific practices. For example, some reports say that the ancient Americans used the bark of a white oak tree as a compress to ease pain. The tree was said to have an odor that was pleasant; however, no tangible evidence of the practice has ever been found. Ancient Mayan cultures may also have practiced similar practices.

-The Chinese individuals are believed to have used the principle of body placement in the early times. For example, the notion of yin and yang, believed the opposing sides of character, is thought to have been fundamental in their practices. For instance, while the yin stands for beauty, love and affection, the yang stands for dishonor, pain and death. In China, it's believed that when someone wishes well for his or her loved ones and desires happiness, it's said that the opposite part of someone's body would become a part of that person's body during the massage. Thus, a happy and loving relationship is achieved.

- Malaysian's have long held a fascination for reflexology. In actuality, they consider it as an art form, as evidenced by the numerous festivals they celebrate. During these celebrations, all of those that are close to the recipient are called upon to massage the different areas of the recipient's body. In addition to celebrations, the practice of reflexology has also been integrated into other aspects of their culture, such as food preparation.

- A reflexology school may also be home to a not just a teacher, but a reflexologist as well. This is a fantastic chance for you to learn more about this holistic treatment. You'll also meet other students, who might share the same interests as you. You can even apply your expertise and passion for reflexology to other facets of your life, by sharing your newfound skills with others. Thus, you can develop a good mentor.

- Learning about reflexology may also lead one to opt to open your own reflexology clinic. This will not only allow you to hone your skills, but also to make money. In doing so, you could also help many others, who may also be struggling with many ailments. You may choose to establish your own practice or to join an existing one. Whichever you choose, it's sure to enhance your health and well-being.

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