Istanbul - Turkey

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The city of Istanbul in turkey is sometimes additionally referred to "Constantinople". The city is the largest city in Turkey each in line with space and population. Istanbul has approximately 12.6 million residents in its boundaries. The city is considered as Turkey's foremost platform and hub for culture, architecture, history and monetary strategies. Istanbul totally consists of 39 districts. Istanbul is the city which is positioned on two different continents. The covered space of Istanbul is approximately about 707 square miles which makes the city the fifth largest on the planet in keeping with inhabitants density liver per square miles. The location of Istanbul city is North West side of the Marmara region in turkey.

Turkey has very mild summers with high percentage of humidity however winters are very cold, windy and snow is very often in the city throughout winter season. Istanbul is slightly sizzling and humid within the months of Could to September. The city has a dampity percentage of about seventy nine%. Winters start from October and stay till April. The city principally receives the rainfall and snow during the months of December, January, February and March. Maximum temperature throughout summers may be as much as 25 degrees while in summers mostly in nights it also can fall below freezing point.

Economically Istanbul is a really strong city as it has a very high impact within the general Turkish economy. Istanbul is the city which is very rich in producing cotton, tobacco, silk and many different products. Istanbul has also gained significance economically because it hosts all the sea ports of Turkey and in addition international airports. Istanbul has among the major industries of Turkey which consists of Rubber industry, metal ware, chemical substances, leather, transport vehicles industries, glass and قیمت تور استانبول plenty of others. The city also generates its revenue from the tourism department.

Istanbul also performs an important part in the field of training because the city has a number of private and public institutions having high repute in world. The city has virtually 20 universities which allows student to concentrate on many alternative fields. Public sector institutions are wantred more within the city because of their good results and reputation. "Istanbul University" was established in 1453 and is thought to be the oldest ever university of Turkey. Since then it has provided quality schooling to the students of not only Turkey but additionally students from different areas of the worlds. Alongside with Istanbul University "Istanbul Technical University" is also of nice significance as it is the world's third oldest university within the discipline of technology established in 1773.

Within the field of sports Istanbul and Turkey have started to dominate in sports like football, basketball and volleyball. Ataturk Stadium is the biggest stadium in Turkey. The stadium has the glory of hosting UEFA champions League Final of 2005 between Liverpool FC of England and Ac Milan of Italy. Istanbul can also be very well-known for hosting many types of motor sport races. Out of which "Formula One Turkish Grand Prix" is crucial one.