Grab Big Air At Revelstoke Mountain

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Discover the craft breweries or maybe Jones Distilling located in the historic Mountain View School built in 1914. Revelstokes tourism website SeeRevelstoke has an amazing list of curating all the arts, culture, history and things to do around town on their website HERE. I thought I had seen it all riding Frisby Ridge the day before. Beauty and stunning vistas surrounding a flower filled trail is tough to beat. Let me assure you that Keystone Standard Basin trail sits right alongside Frisby Ridge on a BC Epic MTB ride list. Frisby to me was the trail of beauty while Keystone brings the rugged wild nature side to Revelstoke mountain biking.

If you're adventurous and skilled enough you can even ride right off the top of this summit on steep slabrock. Most people will choose to leave their bike just below the summit. If you're looking for a unique backcountry adventure, check out Fred Laing Ridge. The Revelstoke mountain biking scene is legendary for the ease of alpine backcountry access, fun and flowy cross country mountain biking trails, and downhill mountain biking. Spring and early summer offer lower elevation rainforest trails with tacky dirt, big trees, and an otherworldly sea of green. Alpine mountain biking adventures abound in the Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges; whether you’re looking for shuttle-accessed downhill mountain biking, a cross country biking tour, or an epic hike-a-bike. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort ski area offers everything for a great day on the slopes.
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It is best visited during mid-winter months when low elevation snow coverage is deeper and valley temperatures below freezing. Exclusive access to nearly 1 km of a scenic walking and biking trail through the forest that borders both Crazy Creek and Eagle River. Untouched and natural seasonal sandbars and beach access for guests to enjoy. Cabot is the developer and operator of a diverse collection of residential, resort, golf club and master-planned communities.
At the seventh meeting, the trail follows the original roadway for several hundred metres.The Sutton Place Hotel offers luxurious studios to 3 bedroom condo suites.Add in groomed trail access and sled-in, sled-out resorts and it’s no wonder filmmakers and snowmobilers from around the world place Revelstoke at the top of their must-ride list.Carry on past the cabin to the summit of Standard Peak for a ride totalling 42km with almost 2000m of elevation change!
The only other way into Mount Assiniboine Park is by helicopter. The closest road access is Highway # 93 from Kootenay National Park and Highway # 1 from Banff National Park. One of the most popular hikes into the park is from Sunshine Valley near Banff, Alberta. This trail starts from the Sunshine gondola to Lake Magog, by Quartzridge, Citadel Pass, Golden Valley and finally Valley of the Rocks. This is a good 7 to 8 hour hike that's 27 km (17 mi.) long. There are other hiking spots that are shorter, check them all out.
Camozzi Road, 1501, Revelstoke, British Columbia V0e2s0
Learn the three Ts—trip planning, training, and taking the essentials—and apply them to all your outdoor adventures. You can also sample hand-crafted cocktails at theMonashee Spirits Distilleryor enjoy a sunny patio session at the Rockford Bar and Grill. If you’re looking for a "THAT WAS AWESOME" kind of response at the bottom of a trail, Martha Creek is your go-to. 1,560 metres of vertical descent, flowing through tall trees, blooming alpine wildflowers; you, ripping around naturally formed berms and bouncing through steep, technical sections. For several consecutive years, just because Revelstoke is like that, there was an enduro race on this trail, starting at the bottom of the logging road that accesses the trail head. Aptly named the Martha Creek Meltdown, the payoff of the gruelling ascent makes it all worth it. Each guest will need to visit Guest Services to be assigned a loading number.

If you’re not totally sure what a mountain coaster is, don’t worry! As mentioned, the Revelstoke Mountain Coaster is the only one of its kind in British Columbia. If high speed thrills aren’t your thing, however, you can simply cruise down and enjoy the vistas all the way down. There’s no wrong or right way to ride the Revelstoke Mountain Coaster.

Here are our top four ways to explore Revy's iconic wildflowers this summer. Vivid hues of yellow, red, purple and green bring the alpine to life in July and August. As the days warm up, flowers slowly climb up the mountains and can be found at various elevations depending on the snow melt. As you hike down into a boulder-strewn side-valley, listen for hoary marmots (a sharp, human-like whistle) and pikas .

By the end of your trip, you just might find yourself hoping for one of those highway closures—you’ll have no choice but to stay a little longer. No ride is complete without an après session at a local craft brewery or pub. Fernie Brewing Co, Whitetooth Brewing in Golden, and Revelstoke’sRockford Bar & Grill are great places to sample brews while swapping trail intel and riding stories. Cranbroo kand its web of 100-plus cross-country trails makes for a great mountain biking basecamp. Neighbouring Kimberley has everything from challenging enduro rides to scenic cruisers. Congratulations on selecting Revelstoke as your Skican vacation destination! Although Revelstoke is best known for its terrific skiing/riding, the area offers plenty of additional activities for you to enjoy during your stay. This short hike in Glacier National Park takes you along a former railway route.

A cast and crew of about 150 people, which will include local technicians, artists and film workers, will be working together to shoot the live-action movie. Filming will happen throughout the month of August at different locations in Newfoundland & Labrador. All in all, an exciting adventure for someone who's looking to explore Mount Revelstoke National Park at its finest. The valley portion of the hike is marked by mind-blowing boulders. The total elevation gained during the hike is around 179 metres, so you can rest assured you'll be walking on plenty of flat ground throughout. You'll be surrounded by gently rolling meadows, magical fir and hemlock trees, and fields of dreamy wildflowers that bloom the brightest during August.
Enjoy stunning scenery of the Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges as you hit a round of gold beside the Columbia River. The Illecillewaet River in Revelstoke is the perfect place to go white water rafting. You can raft downstream for 26kms with 20 rapids, scenic floats and stunning views of Revelstoke National Park from the river. Be warned, even in Summer in Revelstoke, the water is cold.