Daimler Wants To Produce Its Own Battery Cells - Business Insider

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BERLIN, June 22 (Reuters) - German carmaker Daimler AG wants to manufacture its own battery cells, Business Insider reported on Tuesday, citing company sources.

Daimler struck a deal with Chinese battery supplier Farasis Energy in 2019 for the supply of lithium-ion battery cells and Farasis is building a factory in Germany.

However, delays to the construction of the factory and issues with samples for OxydatorSöchting the cells have prompted Chief Executive Ola Kaellenius to attach more importance to the independent production of battery cells, Business Insider said.

The magazine said it was unclear whether Daimler wants to manufacture the battery cells completely on its own or in co-operation with a partner.

(Writing by Caroline Copley Editing by Riham Alkousaa)