Border Force Staff Have Said Airlines Should Send Employees To Help Reduce Immigration Queues After travellers Faced Three-hour Waits To Enter The UK - With red-list Passengers Unsegregated From Others In The Line

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Border Force staff have said airlines should send employees to help reduce immigration queues after travellers faced three-hour waits to enter the UK - with red-list passengers unsegregated from others in the line.  
Airport and airline staff should be deployed to ensure passengers have booked the necessary Covid tests and filled in their locator forms correctly prior to reaching Border Force personnel, a union boss has claimed.
The Immigration Services Union's Lucy Moreton - who represents border workers - said checks at the end of the line are currently being carried out by qualified Border Force staff.
Their training could be better used to check documents at the front to speed up the queue, she added - warning the current waits will only get worse from next week when holidaying Britons return home.
Delays were yesterday blamed on not enough Border Force staff present to carry out the locator form checks - as arrivals claimed more than two thirds of Border Force desks were unstaffed.
Meanwhile, all arrivals are currently going into the same queues at the border, raising concerns about passengers from amber or green list countries coming into contact with those from red list nations.
has insisted that it is down to airports to make sure border queues happen in a Covid-secure way, and that the Government is 'doing everything possible to make this process as efficient as possible'.
Asked whether amber and Mengenali Prediksi HK red arrivals should be separated at airports, a spokesman for Prime Minister said yesterday that 'all arrivals should be managed in a way that is as Covid-secure as possible.'
Border officials have warned tourists face massive queues at airports as international travel expands, after the new the 'traffic light' system for foreign trips continued to lead to long queues for the second day in a row at Heathrow.
Ms Moreton told : 'We're watching all these people go out on holiday and we're anxiously waiting for their return. It's an anxious observation at this point. 
'Classically people go for seven, ten and 14 days, so the people going out yesterday aren't going to be coming back in until seven, ten and 14 days and they're going to be mixing with other people who went out for a week and it will increase exponentially.'
She said Border Force is operating at its full capacity at airports - but has seeing staffing limitations due to Covid social distancing meaning some desks may look empty.

She also said Border Force staff often have to leave to book tests for Mengenali Prediksi HK passengers.
Yvette Cooper, chairwoman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said yesterday that queues and delays at airports after the reopening of international travel could be a 'super spreading risk' if safety measures are not put in place. 
Passengers wait to board a coach to a quarantine hotel outside Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport yesterday
A passenger arriving from 'red list' India (left) and another arriving from New York in 'amber list' US (right) arrive at the same time at London Heathrow Airport's Terminal 2 yesterday
Passengers arrive at London Heathrow Terminal 2 yesterday, one day after the new travel 'traffic light' system came into force
Three children walk in front of a woman at the arrivals hall at London Heathrow Airport's Terminal 2 yesterday
Heathrow Terminals 2 and 5 are open (in green) but 3 and 4 (in red) have been mothballed since last year to save money
Speaking to the World At One programme on BBC Radio 4 yesterday, the Labour MP said Border Force had 'a long time to prepare' for the reopening of foreign travel.

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She said: 'It's irresponsible, Mengenali Prediksi HK frankly, not to sort this out because if you have people waiting for long periods of time in a not brilliantly ventilated arrivals hall, often standing very close to each other, well that's a super spreading risk if you continue to do that and don't have the proper systems in place, especially if you have people arriving from red list countries alongside people arriving from green list countries.
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